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    *To be considered for employment a candidate must be between the age of 21-35, have an Indiana Certification of Firefighter I/II, and at least an Indiana Medical Emergency Certification of Emergency Medical Responder. These certifications and age requirments are not required to apply for the position, but must be met prior to employment, when a position becomes available.

       "What can I do to prepare for a career in the fire service?"

     To apply for the Seymour Fire Department you must be 21 years old but not have reached age 36 at time of appointment. 

     Stay in School: If college is in your future, we would encourage you to continue your post high school education.  Graduate.  While a degree in Fire Science and/or Emergency Medical Services is good, it is not a necessary major.  Pick something that interests you and do well in it.  Advancement opportunities are plentiful in the fire service and a college degree will help.

      EMR:   Getting either an EMR, EMT or Paramedic Certification is a pre-requisite to apply for the Seymour Fire Department.

      Firefighter I & II: Firefighter I & II Certification is a pre-requisite to apply for the Seymour Fire Department.

     Military:  Many firefighters come from military backgrounds.  The fire service is run like a para-military organization. You can even be a Firefighter/EMT in the military. When looking to advance in the fire service, a military service background often helps. Military background is not a pre-requisite to apply for the Seymour Fire Department.

     Physical Fitness: Firefighting is a physically demanding occupation.  Firefighters carry 80-100 lbs of equipment, often while navigating stairs, confined spaces and  climbing ladders.  It is important that you stay in excellent physical condition from the moment you apply.  You will not have enough notice to "get in shape."  You must be in shape.





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